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I&E Commissioning & Start Up

System – A section of the facility or process which is mechanically continuous, but which can be isolated from other sections of the plant or process in a way which allows independent turnover, inspection or confirmation of process function.

Pre-Commissioning – Checking for design conformance, piping mechanical completion, electrical code compliance and instrumentation installation and process tubing adequacy. Pre-Commissioning includes equipment run-in, PLC and DCS action checks, and a rotation check of process equipment which can be isolated from the overall process-Commissioning activities overlap with construction activities. The two are isolated from one-another by system boundaries and a robust system package turnover protocol. LOTO compliance.

Commissioning – Entails running and testing all areas of each system to ensure the system performs as anticipated and to correct any remaining problems prior to Plant Operational Start-up. The phase of a project where actual process fluids are introduced to process equipment. Commissioning includes multiple function and process performance checks but precedes actual Start-Up.

Start-Up – When stable process conditions are established and intentional product making or manufacturing for sale commences.

I&E Commissioning and Start Up

TEAM - Our Instrument and Electrical Team of Licensed and Certified Supervisors and Technicians are well trained very professional and experienced in all aspects of Instrument and Electrical Construction and Commissioning from start to finish. 

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