La Porte Project Planning Support

Planning for Electrical

Project planning is the process of defining your objectives, scope of work, your goals, and milestones. We will gather all the information then build a project plan assigning tasks and budgetary resources for each step. Carefully following the progress of work, making sure we are on schedule We can support your project with experienced Project planners and field engineers with the best training in the field and in the office. They are equipped and ready to help your project from the early planning stages to the completion sale off phase.

  • Conduct research P&IDS / Drawings /Specs /Scope of work
  • Create a budget
  • Create a scope statement
  • Set progress reporting guidelines
  • Break the project into a list of deliverables
  • Create a project schedule
  • Add milestones
  • Identify risks
  • Track progress
  • Execute the plan


La Porte Planning for Electrical


Successful Project Planning

 The project planning phase is a roadmap for project managers—from pre-planning and meeting with stakeholders, to research, drafting, scheduling, and receiving final approval. All of these steps and subtasks help contribute to a successful project that aligns with the client’s vision and overall objectives.